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  • Dry Jamun
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  • Product Name:     Sweet Dry Jamun
  • Container Type:    Box
  • Maximum Shelf Life:     10 Days
  • This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Eligible for Cash on Delivery(COD)
  • Brand Name AJ Naturals and Shipped by Touchmytown.
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Dry Jamun

Murari dry jamun is a popular south indian sweet originated in kumbakonam, tamilnadu. gulab jamun, a syrup dripping Indian delicacy is considered to be the king of all sweets in india. murari dry jamun that has a slight resemblance of gulab jamun is a highly potential competitor to stand on par with gulab jamun in taste and in smoothness. The prefix ‘murari’ of murari dry jamun is a name of a person called murari lal sait, who first introduced this wonderful sweet to the local inhabitants of kumbakonam. Murari lal sait is a north Indian person who settled in kumbakonam in 1914 started a small scale sweet business in a handcart. He experimented with new recipes and sold them to people. this is how he found the dry jamun without knowing that it would place his name in the history of south Indian sweets. later
he opened a sweet shop named MURARI SWEETS . and it is still continuing its rich legacy generation after generation. Dry jamun is made with milk solids, maida, ghee and sugar. The ingredients are all blended together and soaked in caramelized syrup. The dark violet jamun balls are soft, round and coated with powdered
sugar for the final touch. Although murari dry jamuns are not extensively sold and consumed everywhere like gulam jamun and jilebi, but it has its own connoisseurs all around the world. The jamun balls are irresistible in taste and our addictive intake of it is uncountable. It has been Exported to many different countres. people in and around kumkonam and the nearby towns have a very strong bonding with this sweet. And they are tasting it for many decades. Presenting this smooth tender murari jamun for the auspicious occasions has become a sentimental act or custom for the people of Kumbakonam.

Average user rating


  • super 💖
    01 October 2020
  • looks like gulab jamun and taste also..dry one good to buy..
    07 October 2020
  • good service and very much liked it
    narasimman v
    06 December 2020
  • Exclent jamun fresh I like to order more by this app. hi this Bosco from trichy sangiliyandapuram.
    s. Bosco Arul Raj
    06 December 2020
  • The dry jamun was very tasty with limited sugar.
    10 December 2020
  • box damged and sweet taste was not bad
    23 December 2020
  • suber
    10 January 2021
  • superub sweet can order in occasions and rate is reasonable
    09 February 2021
  • good
    sai balaji
    11 February 2021
  • sweet is not upto the mark, sweet Box have broken and not a good packing at all.
    23 April 2021
  • Nice Good Test
    24 March 2022

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