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  • Keelakarai Thothal Halwa (Karupatti | Palm Jaggery Halwa)
(26 Reviews)
  • Product Name:     Keelakarai Thothal Halwa
  • Contains Coconut Milk & Karupatti (Palm Jaggery) - No added Maida
  • Maximum Shelf Life:    20 Days
  • Container Type:     Food Grade Pouch
  • Place Of Origin:    Keelakarai, Ramanathapuram
  • This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Eligible for Cash on Delivery(COD)
  • Brand Name AJ Naturals and Shipped by Touchmytown.
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Shipment Weight: 360 gm

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Keelakarai Thothal Halwa (Karupatti | Palm Jaggery Halwa)

Keelakkarai is a coastal town in Ramanathapuram district, Tamilnadu. This historical town is famous for two things; the sea surrounding environment and other one is the trademark Keelakkarai sweet thothal halwa. It is also known as dodol or nudhal and ‘sarkarai kazhi’ in Srilanka. thothal is prepared with coconut milk, rice flour, roasted cashew nuts, palm sugar, and cardamom powder. This dark-colored thothal halwa festooned with cashews has a creamy, moistened texture that makes it stand unique among the other remarkable halwas like Thoothukudi muscoth halwa, Thirunelveli halwa, Parangipettai badam halwa, and Bombay halwa, etc. this centuries old delight is said to have Indonesian origin, brought across the sea by ancient travelers to Srilanka. merchants of Keelakarai have had a strong trade relationship with Srilanka for centuries long and the thothal recipe has entered Keelakkarai through this bonding. Having reached Keelakarai the recipe took a new dimension through the local hands and the rich tasty coconuts of Keelakarai. The abundance of coconut groves in and around Keelakarai supplies an enormous amount of coconuts throughout the year and is also an important reason that naturally pave way for extensive production of thothal halwa in every house of Keelakkarai. Thothal, which has its presence on all the occasions of Keelakkarai people, is exported to many countries around the world.

யாழ்ப்பாணத்தில் இப்பலகாரம் சர்க்கரைக் கழி என்று அழைக்கப்படுகிறது சிங்களவர்கள் இதனைக் களுதொதல் என்பார்கள். அவர்கள் கித்துள்பனங்கட்டியையே தொதலுக்குப் பயன்படுத்துவார்கள்.

Average user rating


  • Tasty
    23 October 2019
  • I had Keelakarai Raaviyath Thothal Halwa before which was so soft which melts eaten . This is so Same taste ,taste is good but packing is little bit disappointment
    28 October 2019
  • Good..
    04 December 2019
  • finished good tasty item
    Mohamed kaja
    20 September 2020
  • halwa is so hard to eat but ok....
    24 September 2020
  • good taste 👍
    Dhilip Kumar
    25 September 2020
  • not good black colour pieces were there
    Naveen Kumar
    28 September 2020
  • More oil compared to 1st time
    Poongundran M
    03 October 2020
  • nice...
    Ravichandran N
    03 October 2020
  • good
    sai balaji
    21 October 2020
  • Awesome thothal. Very fresh and authentic style. Taste remains the same.
    02 November 2020
  • delivery took very long time
    Sivakumar Venkatesan
    07 November 2020
  • Product shown and received not same. Very old stock and returned
    28 December 2020
  • this is not thotal halwa, already i had thotal halwa soft and smell is very nice.i donot like this.
    Fathima Thahasuhail
    02 June 2021
  • Delivery was worst... Delivery person ask me to come courier office and collect that ordered item...And Thothal halwa plastic container was broken and that halwa drop down out side the box...
    Abdul kadar jailani
    26 June 2021
  • super
    Ani Kaniyan
    10 August 2021
  • Taste is not good. I tasted 20years back this Thothal which was mesmerized. But this is waste. Also Touch my has to consider the price which is double.
    Soundram J
    12 August 2021
  • Awesome taste , highly recommended
    Vimalkumar Shan
    09 November 2021
  • It was very hard and looks like not fresh
    Ruban Chakravarthy
    03 February 2022
  • Really Superb ????, From Salem
    Vidhyasagar Shanmugam
    09 November 2022
  • sweetness little low
    Christopher J
    24 December 2022

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