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  • Gingee Mutta Mittai (Egg Pie)
(67 Reviews)
  • Product Name:      Muttai Mittai  
  • Brand:      Syed Sweet
  • Maximum Shelf Life:     6 Days
  • Food Preference:      Eggetarian (Contains Egg)
  • Origin:      Gingee
  • Container Type:      Fancy Food Grade Plastic Container (Box)
  • Ingredients:     Egg, Milk, Sugar & Ghee
  • This is a Non Vegetarian product.
  • Brand Name Satinance and Shipped by Touchmytown.
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Shipment Weight: 400 gm

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Gingee Mutta Mittai (Egg Pie)

Mutta Mittai / Egg Sweet. மஞ்சள் நிற மேனிக்குப் பொன்னிறப் போர்வைப் போற்றியது போல.  முட்டை மிட்டாய் என்ற தனித்துவமான   பெயரைக் கொண்ட இந்தப் பலகாரத்தின் சுவையும் தனிதான்.  பார்ப்பதற்கு கேக் வடிவில் இருக்கும் முட்டை மிட்டாய் கேக்கும் அல்ல.  முட்டை மற்றும் பால் கலந்து பார்த்தாலே பரவசமாகும் இப்பலகாரத்தில் படர்ந்த நெய்யின் வாசம், வீசும் நம் கை முழுக்க இதைத் தொட்டாலே.  செஞ்சி நகரில் புகழ் பெற்ற முட்டை மிட்டாய் அனைத்து வயதினரையும் வசீகரம் செய்யும், தன் தோற்றத்தால் மட்டுமல்ல தோற்கடிக்க முடியாத தன் சுவையாலும்தான்.
SENJI MUTTA MITTAI is an egg sweet that originated in senji, villupuram district of tamilnadu and later popularized throughout the state for its unique and seductive taste. Senji mutta mittai is a very smooth and delicate cake like sweet filled with the trademark egg flavor. Though mutta mittai has no proper evidence to claim the year of its origin, around 1960s was the time period it was widely prepared in homes by women and sold everywhere. It got an un-deniable presence during the festival occasions and special events like marriage, birthdays etc.. Later, in senji, many shops were opened exclusively for selling mutta mittai, that gave the sweet a professional touch and paved way for larger consumption around the state. muttai mittai has become a surname for senji as like halwa for thirunelveli, macaron for thoothukudi, palkova for srivilliputhur. This traditional handmade sweet is now produced through machines without compromising its trademark taste. Mutta mittai is prepared with fresh milk, egg, suga, ghee and palkova without adding flour, preservatives, or any artificial colours. The heated semi-solid mixture is kept in air for a certain time period to become a luscious egg sweet. As it has been prepared in a hygienic way, it is preferable for kids as an alternative for the junk foods in the stores. This delightful dessert makes people addicted once they have tasted it for the first time.
Contains a bulk amount of proteins, calcium, and calories other than sweet. Each kilogram contains the stren

Average user rating


  • Good Quality Product
    14 September 2019
  • Awesome and delicious sweet. Its very unique taste makes it more special .
    28 October 2019
  • Good taste. I liked it very much.
    18 March 2020
  • awesome quality.....
    mansuralikan mansur
    20 July 2020
  • The product Quality was Awesome. And It Taste Really Good,It feels like Yummy Hmmmmmmmm
    vino Karthi
    20 August 2020
  • very nice to eat soft yummy...
    24 September 2020
  • Nice One, Tasty...
    Poongundran M
    03 October 2020
  • Taste was excellent. Quality was good. Good experience.
    Ganesh Pandian
    09 October 2020
  • fantastic... god bless
    Rajesh V
    10 October 2020
  • good
    sai balaji
    21 October 2020
  • sugar taste was too much.. thought it was made with jaggery
    02 November 2020
  • Melting taste of Gingee muttamittai. Authentic style. Superb
    02 November 2020
  • very good
    20 December 2020
  • Very tasty and soft. Loved it ❤️ well packed too
    22 December 2020
  • super
    22 December 2020
  • Tasted Good
    28 December 2020
  • not bad
    Farhathullah Farahathullah
    02 January 2021
  • fantastic.. delicious sweet.. ( no egg smell) enjoyed it..
    07 January 2021
  • taste was good. but service was poor. it was not delivered at home rather I went and collected from their office.
    Mohamathu Rafic K
    08 January 2021
  • Excellent taste....
    09 January 2021
  • Good packing, superb taste
    11 January 2021
  • good taste and yummy sweet
    09 February 2021
  • not for good
    09 February 2021
  • cakes and bakery items lam mutta mittai kitta onnumae illa , mutta mittai ride
    26 February 2021
  • nice
    12 March 2021
  • nice
    12 March 2021
  • nice
    12 March 2021
  • iam not satisfied with eating this time from the fridge its very clumsy egg shells not taken off clearly
    20 March 2021
  • Its good taste
    17 April 2021
  • Good please keep it up good things is no feeling charge that’s good things for order more
    Al faizur
    20 April 2021
  • Taste is really yummy.
    27 April 2021
  • Nice but lots of sugar
    27 April 2021
  • super taste
    Haji Fathima
    29 April 2021
  • wow Taste is good..yummy and rich too😋
    05 May 2021
  • good
    Suresh kumar
    06 May 2021
  • good
    Suresh kumar
    06 May 2021
  • good
    Suresh kumar
    06 May 2021
  • good
    Suresh kumar
    06 May 2021
  • We could try once.
    Simon James
    13 May 2021
  • Taste was good but sugar was high
    Sayee Sundar
    24 May 2021
  • I love it I like so sweet thank Syed sweet..
    ribai khan
    14 June 2021
  • I am an old customer for this mutta mittai
    22 June 2021
  • Rate is too high...orginal price is 250 gm 80 Rs only...but ur price 250 gm 128 rs... kindly reduse rate...
    venkatesh natarajan
    23 June 2021
  • super...
    Ravichandran N
    01 July 2021
  • test very nice
    Ani Kaniyan
    10 August 2021
  • Just Awesome 🤤
    Jethendra Sri C
    07 October 2021
  • it takes more than a week to deliver here in chennai. And by the time it reaches you will start getting the pungent smell.
    30 January 2022
  • too good
    03 March 2022
  • very tasty...
    Christopher J
    24 December 2022
  • nice taste
    Malathi Murugan
    19 January 2023

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