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  • Pure Cold Pressed Water-Soluble Neem Oil For Plants 500 ml
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  • Pure Cold Pressed Water-Soluble Neem Oil for Plants 500 ml - Organic Oil Controls and Repels Mites, Aphids, White Flies.
  • Ingredients: Neem Oil : 82.00%, Azadirachtin  01.00%, Emulsifier 17.00%
  • DOSAGE: 1 ml / 1 liter of water
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  • Brand Name Raja Stores and Shipped by Touchmytown.
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Pure Cold Pressed Water-Soluble Neem Oil For Plants 500 ml


1. Avoid contact with skin & eyes

2. Wear and use protective material

3. Dilute water in oil


•  Keep out of reach of children

•  Shake well before use

•  Store in the tightly closed original bottle



Neem oil is a synergistic product extracted from locally available neem seeds. We keep it 100% pure, unadulterated, and emulsified so it is completely water-soluble and biodegradable. The oil can be used on both indoor and outdoor plants without worrying about any side effects. It acts as a preventive agent against pests and diseases. Neem oil prevents the development of insects at all stages - adult, larvae, and egg. The Azadirachtin which is present in the Neem oil will prevent the insect or pest from consuming the leaves of the plant. It can also be used to keep the mosquitoes away is effective against more than 200+ species of insects and has a dual purpose as both pesticide and a fungicide. It works on arthropod pests that often feed on vegetables. Also, Neem oil controls common fungi that grow on plants. It enhances the photosynthetic activity of the plant and avoids transpiration losses. Hence yield tends to increase by 10-15%.

Benefits: Neem oil is 100% bio-degradable and bio-insecticide. It repels all insects and kills a few insects. Neem oil also controls soil-borne nematodes, insects, root feeding, and white grubs. It is extracted from naturally available neem seeds from the forest. Neem oil helps to alter pH, electrical conductivity (EC), and available nutrients in the soil. Neem oil also helps in the decomposition of organic manure and makes an un-available form of nutrients available form. Neem oil helps to improve useful microflora in soil, soil texture, structure, and water holding capacity of the soil. Neem oil is organic no Phytotoxic helps in producing an export of Agri and Horti products. Neem oil is having a very mild insecticidal property, burning, dying, wilting, and desiccation in plants are highly impossible. Neem oil is effective in the management of insects and pests.

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