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  • Veerah Dindigul Biriyani Mix(Pack of 4)
(5 Reviews)
  • Item:  Dindigul Biriyani Mix
  • Brand: Veerah
  • Shelf Life - Best Before 6 Months
  • Packing: Food grade printed laminated standup pouch
  • This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Eligible for Cash on Delivery(COD)
  • Brand Name AJ Naturals and Shipped by Touchmytown.
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Veerah Dindigul Biriyani Mix(Pack of 4)

Traditional Dindigul biriyani at your kitchen within few minutes. Very very simple to cook. Hygienic preparation.

Veerah Dindigul Biriyani Mix is a completely "All In One" product.

It contains groundnut oil, onion, ginger, garlic, spices, salt, green chili, dried chili powder, mint, coriander leaves, lemon juice...

It's a traditionally processed semi-solid solution used for making Authentic Dindigul Biriyani. You need only ghee, biriyani rice, and meat or Vegetables with Veerah Dindigul Biriyani Mix to make perfect Dindigul Biriyani. 

Only 5 simple steps for preparation. No need for a special skill of making biriyani.

Selected natural raw materials. 100% no coloring and tasting agents. No MSG. It's the finest solution to get Original Authentic Traditional Dindigul Biriyani in your kitchen.

Average user rating


  • Nice product, tasted and it's good..
    Irfan Ahmed
    09 March 2021
  • Wow... What an awesome biriyani masala... ! Authentic yummy Dindugal mutton biriyani done in minutes without any should feel the aroma while opening the pouch itself. fresh and rich in flavour..just unbelievable guys.. Just try it once you ll become a fan of it...I strongly recommend this... Ensoiiii
    13 March 2021
  • I have been using this product for nearly 6 months now. For bachelors like me, this product is a boon. You can quickly make authentic Dindigul biryani without any effort. I went through the ingredients and can vouch for its quality I have brought multiple times and cooked for so many people and all of them have liked the taste so much I have personally recommended this to others This is a true value for money. I really hope they launch products for chicken, mutton gravies soon. I give 5+ for this product. Hats off to the company for such an innovative product
    M Joshua Ben Michael
    08 April 2021
  • Good product
    26 October 2021
  • .
    Ranganathan Pogazhathe
    13 November 2021

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