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Iyarkai Kadukkai powder - 50gm
கடுக்காய் பொடி

30 29 save 1(5%)


Sold by Iyarkai Herbal Products.

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Raw Banana Powder - 500gm
வாழைக்காய் தூள்

500 450 save 50(10%)


Sold by Madhur Fruits.

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Vaigal Herbal Hair Oil - 100ml



Sold by Vaigai Products.

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Mathulai Manapagu Ulcer Syrup - 200ml
மாதுலை மனபாகு

170 162 save 8(5%)



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Iyarkai Vallarai Powder - 50gm
வல்லாரை பொடி

45 43 save 2(5%)


Sold by Iyarkai Herbal Products.

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Darmika Organic Avarampoo Powder - 100 gm
ஆவாரம் பூ பொடி

225 90 save 135(60%)


Sold by V.A. Balaji Exports.

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Modhagaa Tea powder - 500gm
தேயிலை தூள்

175 163 save 12(7%)



Traditional Native Products brings exclusive native products from the best in the market direct to your home. We offer an elite marketplace platform that helps native sellers to sell their traditional products online. Being a trustworthy marketplace Touchmytown carries periodic quality checks to ensure the quality products reach the end buyer. The whole idea is designed to bring back the age-old traditional products that were always a part of our life.

Organic Food

The term organic is getting more common nowadays. Organic foods have exploded in popularity over the last two decades. Many people think organic food is safer, better and more delicious than regular food. Organic foods have been grown or farmed without the use of synthetic chemicals, hormones, antimicrobial or genetically altered organisms. As a result of the increase in demand in organic food scam is becoming a global concern. To help consumers at Touchmytown we approve sellers who produce organic food. We do not entertain distributors to take part in our platform.