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Touchmytown Customer Rewards - Winter 2019

Vote your favorite Sweet or Karam and get a chance to win your voted product in 3 easy steps.

To participate in this event user should complete all the 3 steps mentioned above.

  • At the end of this promotional event, a total of 10 participants will be declared as winners.
  • Among them, 2 winners will get 1Kg of the winning Product and rest will be awarded with 1/2 Kg of the Product which they voted for.
  • Product with more votes will be selected for 1 Kg price.
  • Touchmytown will contact the winner and dispatch the price
  • On 3 consecutive times if the winner is not contactable then the prize will be awarded to the next person.
  • Winners will be announced on Saturday 12:00 PM (14/12/2019)
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